Detroit Garage Works Cleaners and Degreasers for your Man Cave
We don’t make a lot of stuff, but the stuff we make is badass tough... Detroit Garage Works™ 

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Skin Care

Detroit Garage Works™ is a proud purveyor of ultra high quality products for professional maintenance workers, mechanics, repair persons, weekend car enthusiasts, the DIY person, engineers, and professional motorsport teams. We instill Detroit muscle within every product so they clean heavy dirt, oil, grease and grime from anything. Our products are precision made using Detroit ingenuity and resilience with only the best “Prime Quality” - active ingredients verified with a quality seal on each container.

Detroit Garage Works™ makes products that outperform the competition through better overall cleaning performance, safety for the user, respect for the environment at a reasonable price. With over 21 years of “hands-on” experience, we put Detroit blue collar quality, toughness and grit into each product to get the job done right, the first time, every time...

Industrial Solutions Skin Care & Hand Cleaner

Skin Care Industrial Solutions700

For over a decade our innovative industrial skin care products have alleviated occupationally-stressed skin to provide a paramount wash without the use of harsh ingredients and harmful chemicals. Our technically advanced formula helps to reduce the challenge of skin disease, occupational dermatitis and dryness, while minimizing any negative environmental impact and product waste. We utilize the industry’s highest standard of raw materials, production facilities and the very best of America’s workforce.

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Detroit Garage Works

Light Duty Industrial Hand Cleaner DGW 1045

Light Duty multi-purpose lotion cleaner for use with ...

Ultra Heavy Duty Skin Hand Care Cleaner DGW 1060

Ultra Heavy Duty cleaner with Walnut shell-X scrubbers for ...

Specialty Anti-Bonding Paint Remover DGW 1075

Specialty Anti-Bonding cleaner for the removal of paint, ...

Ultra Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner & Wall Mount Dispenser Kit

Our best dispenser combined with the best skin and hand ...

Medium-Heavy Duty Skin Hand Care Cleaner DGW 1050

Medium/Heavy Duty cleaner with ultra-smooth scrubbers and ...

DGW Skin and Hand Care Dispenser

Heavy Duty ABS Plastic Soap Dispenser w/lock




TORQUE DRIVE™, a powerful fast-acting revolutionary new cleaner removes a wide range of oils, grease, transmission fluid and other contaminates from concrete, shop floors and driveway surfaces. Detroit TORQUE DRIVE™ is water-based and contains no caustics, acids, petroleum solvents or phosphates. It proudly outperforms all other harsh and dangerous driveway cleaners on the market today. (Ready to use)

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Environmentally Responsible cleaning products and Bead Free skincare to protect our waterways

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