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We don’t make a lot of stuff, but the stuff we make is badass tough... Detroit Garage Works™ 

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I have been using the micro towels for a while now. They are the best towel on the market. Having a black car, I feared using any poor quality towel. I did find one and it carried to much lint. Detroit Garage Works towels have no lint and never leave a scratch even after washing. 
 –A. Forthe Car Nut
I needed to clean acres of dirty ceiling tiles in my customer’s multiple level indoor parking garage and nothing I used would remove the years of dirt and carbon build up. We tried everything including a power washer and no product performed like Detroit BAD...Truly one Bad Ass Degreaser! 
 –R. Gerchow Building Service Contractor Sales
As a professional mechanic the two most irritating issues I have to deal with daily are the solvents we come in contact with drying the skin and the time it takes to clean up the heavy grease and grime on my hands. After using Detroit Garage Works Ultra HD hand cleaner, my wash time was cut in half and, the dryness dissipated and my hands are cleaner than ever. 
 –L.Hobbs Ryder Leasing
I own a chain of dry cleaning stores and a common problem for us is the cleaning of fabrics with heavy dirt or oil on them without using solvents. Recently we discovered Detroit BAD and it’s become the best product we’ve ever used for pre-spotting with no solvents or harm to the drain systems. 
 –M. Lee Alpine Cleaners
We have a problem at our parking facility keeping the concrete free from oil and grease spots. We’ve used a multitude of detergents and some harsh cleaners with moderate success. After trying Detroit Garage Works “Torque Drive” we will never go back to the others! 
 –M. Brown Starsource Management
I’m responsible for the purchasing of cleaning cloths at a large aftermarket auto accessories chain. We’ve tried many different textures and weights of towels, but have never seen a wiping cloth work like the DGW “Windsor Trim” towel. After multiple cleanings they come out like brand new after each wash. 
 –T. Gallihugh Purchasing Manager



TORQUE DRIVE™, a powerful fast-acting revolutionary new cleaner removes a wide range of oils, grease, transmission fluid and other contaminates from concrete, shop floors and driveway surfaces. Detroit TORQUE DRIVE™ is water-based and contains no caustics, acids, petroleum solvents or phosphates. It proudly outperforms all other harsh and dangerous driveway cleaners on the market today. (Ready to use)

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Environmentally Responsible cleaning products and Bead Free skincare to protect our waterways

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